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published on 1st May 2015, 09:28 am

Our first week online is coming to its end and we can hardly hide our enthusiasm.
The hieroglyph search module has come fully operational and freely released to our users.

As Stefano could anticipate in the previous post, we have great plans for the future of Paperesh project.
For now, our next step will be to provide a brand new module - for both hieroglyphic and hieratic writings - that will offer a searchable vocabulary with definitions in Italian, English and Latin, as well as several term pictures from many sources.
Starting with headwords contained in pBerlin 3024, we hope this new feature will soon be ready.

Meanwhile, don't forget to follow us through our channels, such as our Facebook page, our Twitter profile, our RSS Feed and Papersesh's newsletter, which you can subscribe from our home page.

Best regards (and a happy Mayday).

Gabriele Primavera

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