Grapheme D35


Category D (Parts of the human body)
Reading n
Modulation B1 (2 quarters in row)
Character ¤
Font Glyph Basic 1 ⇩

Ideogramma di <n>, an, n, "non", di <nn>, "non", di <jwty>, at-, "che non" (seguito dagli unilitteri <t> e <y>) e dei verbi di ignoranza: <xm>, "ignorare", <smx>, "dimenticare". Occasionalmente fonogramma per /n/: <nnSm>, nwis, "milza".
Ideo. <n>, "not", <nn>, "not", <jwty>, "who/which doesn't, who/which lacks" (with unilitters <t> and <y>) and verbs of ignoring: <xm>, "to ignore", <smx>, "to forget". Occasionally phon. /n/: <nnSm>, "spleen".
Ideogramma <n>, "non", <nn>, "non", <jwty>, "quin, qui/ae/od caret" (cum unilitteris <t> et <y>) et verba ignorandi: <xm>, "ignorare", <smx>, "oblivisci". Nonnumquam phon. /n/: <nnSm>, "splen".