Grapheme D37


Category D (Parts of the human body)
Reading jmj | dj
Modulation B1 (2 quarters in row)
Character ¦
Font Glyph Basic 1 ⇩

Ideogramma del verbo <jmj>, moi, ma-, myi=, myit=, moit=, "dare", usato solo all'imperativo; fonogramma per <dj> nel verbo <rdj>, ], ]-, tyi=, tyit=, qual. toi, "dare" in tutte le sue forme in cui appare il gruppo <d>+<j>.
Ideo. <jmj>, "to give", which is used only as imp. form of <rdj>; phon. <dj> in <rdj>, "to give" in all its forms in which the group <d>+<j> appears.
Ideogramma verbi <jmj>, "dare", usurpati nonnisi pro imperativo; phon. <dj> in verbo <rdj>, "dare" in omnibus eius formis in quibus par <d>+<j> apparet.