Grapheme H1


Category H (Parts of Birds)
Reading Apd.w | wSn
Modulation A3 (1 circular, sinusoid or radiated quarter)
Character Ê
Font Glyph Basic 2 ⇩

<Apd.w>, "uccelli", plurale di <Apd>, wbt, "uccello", nella formula d'offerta; determinativo di <wSn>, "torcere il collo (a uccelli da offrire)", "offrire".
<Apd.w>, "birds", plur. <Apd>, "bird", in offering formula; det. <wSn>, "to wring neck of birds which are to be offered", "to offer".
<Apd.w>, "aves", plur. <Apd>, "avis", in formula oblatoria; det. <wSn>, "avium offerendarum colla obtorquere", "offerre".