Grapheme N1


Category N (Sky, earth, water)
Reading p.t
Modulation B1 (2 quarters in row)
Character !
Font Glyph Basic 3 ⇩

Det., ideo. <p.t>, ve, plur. vyoui, "cielo" e parole collegate a concetti di altezza e lontananza; det. <h.t>, <hy.t>, "portale", <rw.ty>, "doppia porta"; <hA.t>, "contenitore".
Det., ideo. <p.t>, "sky" and words related to such concepts as "high" and "distant"; det. <h.t>, <hy.t>, "portal", <rw.ty>, "double gate"; <hA.t>, "ceiling".
Det., ideo. <p.t>, "coelum" et quaecumque supra proculve sunt; det. <h.t>, <hy.t>, "porta", <rw.ty>, "duplex porta"; <hA.t>, "capsa".