Grapheme O38


Category O (Buildings, parts of buildings, etc.)
Reading qnb.t | tm
Modulation C1a (3 quarters NW corner)
Character t
Font Glyph Basic 3 ⇩

Det. <qnb.t>, "angolo", <qnbty.w>, "magistrati" ("coloro che siedono all'angolo?); det. <arr.t>, "ingresso"; det. <mrr.t>, "strada"; ideo. <tm>, significato ignoto, in <Hry-tm>, titolo ignoto.
Det. <qnb.t>, "corner", <qnbty.w>, "magistrates" (those who sit at the corner"?); det. <arr.t>, "gate"; det. <mrr.t>, "street"; ideo. <tm>, meaning unknown, in <Hry-tm>, title unknown.
Det. <qnb.t>, "angulus", <qnbty.w>, "magistratus" ("qui in angulo sedent?); det. <arr.t>, "aditus"; det. <mrr.t>, "via"; ideo. <tm>, significatus ignotus, in <Hry-tm>, titulus ignotus.