Grapheme D21


Category D (Parts of the human body)
Reading r
Modulation B1 (2 quarters in row)
Font Glyph Basic 1 ⇩

Ideogramma per <rA>, ro, re-, rw=, plur. rwou, "bocca", "porta", onde fonogramma per /r/, allo stato costrutto rende le frazioni, es. <rA-mDw>, re-myt, "1/10".
Ideo. <rA>, "mouth", "door", phon. /r/. In status constructus is mark of fractions, ex. <rA-mDw>, "1/10".
Ideogramma <rA>, "os", "porta", phon. /r/; status constructus est signum fractionum, ex. <rA-mDw>, "1/10".