Grapheme S20


Category S (Crowns, dress, staves, etc.)
Reading xtm | sDAy.t | sDAwty
Modulation A3 (1 circular, sinusoid or radiated quarter)
Character Ô
Font Glyph Basic 3 ⇩

Det. <xtm>, swtem, s;am, qual. sotem, stamyout, imp. mas;am, "sigillare", "chiudere", <sDAy.t>, "sigillo" e sinonimi; ideo. <sDAwty>, "tesoriere", in <sDAwty-bjty>, "tesoriere del re del Basso Egitto".
Det. <xtm>, "to seal", "to shut", <sDAy.t>, "seal" and synonyms, ideo. <sDAwty>, "treasurer", in <sDAwty-bjty>, "treasurer of the king of Lower Egypt".
Det. <xtm>, "sigillare", "claudere", <sDAy.t>, "sigillum" et synonyma; ideo. <sDAwty>, "custos thesauri", in <sDAwty-bjty>, "custos thesauri regis Aegypti Inferioris".