Grapheme S28


Category S (Crowns, dress, staves, etc.)
Reading Hbs
Modulation C2a (3 T-shaped or +-shaped quarters)
Character ¬
Font Glyph Basic 3 ⇩

Det. <Hbs>, hwbc, hwpc, hebc-, hobc=, hopc=, qual. hobc, qual. hopc, "coprire, vestire", da cui <Hbs>, hboc, hbwc, plur. hbwc, ehbwc, "veste", e tutti i sostantivi e i verbi connessi al tessuto e alle azioni compiute con esso, es. <HAp>, hwp, hep-, hop=, qual. hyp, "velare"; <kfj>, "svelare"; <HAy>, "nudo".
Det. <Hbs>, "cloth", and all names and verbs related to fabric and actions made with it, ex. <HAp>, "to conceal"; <kfj>, "to uncover"; <HAy>, "naked".
Det. <Hbs>, "vestis", omniaque nomina et verba texto actisque eo factis conexa, eg. <HAp>, "velare"; <kfj>, "revelare"; <HAy>, "nudus".