Grapheme S38


Category S (Crowns, dress, staves, etc.)
Reading HqA | aw | jAq | Aq
Modulation B2 (2 quarters in column)
Character Œ
Font Glyph Basic 3 ⇩

Ideo. det. <HqA.t>, "scettro"; fon. /HqA/, "regnare"; <HqA>, trascr. gr. uk (in <HqA.w-xAs.wt>, ukcwc, "Hyksos", "capi dei paesi stranieri"), "capo"; spesso sostituisce AUT nel suo valore fonetico /aw/; fon. /jAq/, /Aq/ in <jAqs>, <Aqs>, poi <Hqs>, personificazione di uno scettro.
Ideo. det. <HqA.t>, "sceptre"; phon. /HqA/, "to rule"; usually replaces S39 in its phonetic value /aw/; to be read /jAq/, /Aq/ in <jAqs>, <Aqs>, later <Hqs>, personification of a sceptre.
Ideo. det. <HqA.t>, "sceptrum"; phon. /HqA/, "regere"; saepe pro S39 legendum /aw/; legendum autem /jAq/, /Aq/ in <jAqs>, <Aqs>, serius <Hqs>, sceptri personificatio.