Grapheme S42


Category S (Crowns, dress, staves, etc.)
Reading abA | sxm | xrp
Modulation B2 (2 quarters in column)
Character è
Font Glyph Basic 3 ⇩

Ideo. <abA>, "scettro"; fon. /abA/ in <abA/, "stele", "lucere"; da <sxm>, "scettro", fon. /sxm/ in <sxm>, "essere potente"; ideo., det. <xrp>, swrp, serp-, sorp= ("far presto a"), "dirigere", "cominciare", "intraprendere".
Ideo. <abA>, "sceptre"; phon. /abA/ in <abA/, "stela", "to shine"; from <sxm>, "sceptre", phon. /sxm/ in <sxm>, "to have power"; ideo., det. <xrp>, "to be at head", "to begin".
Ideo. <abA>, "sceptrum"; phon. /abA/ in <abA/, "stele", "lucere"; ex <sxm>, "sceptrum", phon. /sxm/ in <sxm>, "potentem esse"; ideo., det. <xrp>, "dirigere", "coepisse".