Grapheme T10


Category T (Warfare, hunting, butchery)
Reading jwn.t | pD
Modulation B1 (2 quarters in row)
Character 0
Font Glyph Basic 4 ⇩

Det. <jwn.t>, "arco"; dalla DXII sostituisce ARCUS in <pD.t>, vi], "arco", e <pDty>, "arciere", "straniero", mentre ARCUS si specializza nel solo valore fonetico /pD/.
Det. <jwn.t>, "bow"; from DXII on the same as ARCUS in <pD.t>, "bow", and <pDty>, "bowman", "foreign man", while ARCUS is used only for its phonetic value /pD/.
Det. <jwn.t>, "arcus"; inde a DXII usurpatur pro signo ARCUS in <pD.t>, "arcus", et <pDty>, "sagittarius", "peregrinus", dum ARCUS solo sensu phonetico /pD/ usui est.