Grapheme D58


Category D (Parts of the human body)
Reading b | bw
Modulation B2 (2 quarters in column)
Character ¾
Font Glyph Basic 1 ⇩

Ideogramma o fonogramma <b> in <bw>, ma, mai, mou, "luogo" e prefissoide d'astrazione (<bw-nfr>, "bontà", <bw-Dw>, "malvagità", <bw-nb>, "totalità (delle persone)", "tutti, chiunque").
Ideo. or phon. <b> in <bw>, "place" and prefixoid of abstraction (<bw-nfr>, "goodness", <bw-Dw>, "evil", <bw-nb>, "totality (of people)", "everyone").
Ideogramma o phonogramma <b> in <bw>, "locus" e praefixoides abstractionis (<bw-nfr>, "bonitas", <bw-Dw>, "malitia", <bw-nb>, "omnes (homines)", "unusquisquam, quicumque").