Grapheme U31


Category U (Agriculture, Crafts, and Professions)
Reading rtH | jtH | xnr
Modulation B1 (2 quarters in row)
Character i
Font Glyph Basic 4 ⇩

Ideo., det. <rtHty>, "fornaio"; fon. /rtH/ in <rtH>, <jtH>, sah. wth, "imprigionare", e simili, es. <jtH>, "carcere"; da questo, ideo., det. <xnrj>, "imprigionare"; <xnr.t>, "harem"; talvolta usato per FACIES.
Ideo., det. <rtHty>, "baker"; phon. /rtH/ in <rtH>, "to restrain" and related words, ex. <jtH>, "prison"; from this use, ideo., det. <xnrj>, "to restrain"; <xnr.t>, "harim"; sometimes substituted for FACIES.
Ideo., det. <rtHty>, "pistor"; phon. /rtH/ in <rtH>, "in vincula dare", et similia, ex. <jtH>, "carcer"; ex eo, ideo., det. <xnrj>, "in vincula dare"; <xnr.t>, "gynaeceum"; aliquando usurpatur pro FACIES.