Grapheme W10


Category W (Vessels of stone and earthenware)
Reading wsx | Hnw.t | jab | aab | bjA
Modulation A2 (1 arched or conic quarter)
Character £
Font Glyph Basic 4 ⇩

Det. <wsx>, "coppa", fon. /wsx/, es. <wsx.t>, "atrio", <sxw>, "larghezza", <wsx>, ouwsc, ouesc-, qual. ouosc, "essere largo"; det. <Hnw.t>, "coppa", fon. /Hnw/ in <Hnw.t>, "signora"; det. <jab>, <aab>, "coppa", <a>, "coppa". Talvolta fon. /bjA/ per PUTEUS.
Det. <wsx>, "cup", phon. /wsx/, ex. <wsx.t>, "hall", <sxw>, "width", <wsx>, "to be wide"; det. <Hnw.t>, "cup", phon. /Hnw/ in <Hnw.t>, "mistress"; det. <jab>, <aab>, "cup", <a>, "cup". Sometimes phon. /bjA/ for PUTEUS.
Det. <wsx>, "poculum", phon. /wsx/, ex. <wsx.t>, "atrium", <sxw>, "latitudo", <wsx>, "latum esse"; det. <Hnw.t>, "poculum", phon. /Hnw/ in <Hnw.t>, "domina"; det. <jab>, <aab>, "poculum", <a>, "poculum". Aliquando phon. /bjA/ pro PUTEUS.