Grapheme X2


Category X (Loaves and cakes)
Reading t | DHwty | gb | jnpw | jt
Modulation A2 (1 arched or conic quarter)
Character í
Font Glyph Basic 4 ⇩

Det. <t>, "pane"; det. pasto; ideo. degli Dei <DHwty>, :wout, "Thot"; <gb>, trascr. gr. Kyb, "Geb", <jnpw>, Anoup, "Anubi"; ideo. <jt>, iwt, plur. io], "padre", in <jt-nTr>, "padre del dio", titolo sacerdotale.
Det. <t>, "bread"; det. meal; ideo. of some gods' names: <DHwty>, "Thot"; <gb>, "Geb", <jnpw>, "Anubis"; ideo. <jt>, "father", in <jt-nTr>, "father of the god", a title of priests.
Det. <t>, "panis"; det. cenam; ideo. deorum <DHwty>, "Thot"; <gb>, "Geb", <jnpw>, "Anubis"; ideo. <jt>, "pater", in <jt-nTr>, "pater dei", titulo sacerdotum quorundam.