Grapheme S40


Category S (Crowns, dress, staves, etc.)
Reading wAs | Dam | wAb | jAt
Modulation B2 (2 quarters in column)
Character Š
Font Glyph Basic 3 ⇩

Ideo., det. <wAs>, "scettro uas"; fon. /wAs/, es. <wAsj>, "decadere", "andare in rovina"; per DJAM in <Dam>, "scettro djam", <Dam>, "elettro"; /jAt/ in <jAt.t> (= <jrT.t>, ero]) "latte"; fon. /wAb/ se duplicato e con TIBIA tra i due segni, in <wAb.wy>, "Uabuy", nome del nomo ossirinchita.
Ideo., det. <wAs>, "uas-sceptre"; phon. /wAs/, eg <wAsj>, "to decay"; for DJAM in <Dam>, "djam-sceptre", <Dam>, "electrum"; /jAt/ in <jAt.t>, "milk"; phon. /wAb/ if duplicated, with a TIBIA between the two signs, in <wAb.wy>, "Uabuy", name of the Oxyrhynchite nome.
Ideo., det. <wAs>, "uas", sceptrum quoddam; phon. /wAs/, eg <wAsj>, "ruere"; pro DJAM in <Dam>, "djam", sceptrum quoddam, <Dam>, "electrum"; /jAt/ in <jAt.t>, "lac"; phon. /wAb/ si duo talia signa vides interiecta TIBIA, in <wAb.wy>, "Uabuy", Oxyrhynchi provinciae nomen.